Teacher Pappa Ushi


Hello, my name is Glenn Garrison. I have been teaching English since my arrival here in 2007, where I reside with my wife Misae in Sasebo Japan. I got my nickname "Pappa Ushi" from my wife as I was a bit heavy upon my arrival. She thought I looked a bit like a "cow!" I have since developed an appreciation for the Japanese diet and all the healthy benefits.
I came here from Kansas, which is located in the central "Great Plains (tornado alley)" of the United States. There I worked for many years as a graduate Electronics systems and field engineer for manufacturing of electric utility vehicles for the air craft industry.


My English Lessons

You know, English is a "world" language. It is also one of the oldest surviving languages of ancient times and it is an evolving language. It is also one of the easiest languages to learn and because of that, it is the official language of many governmental agencies world wide. The English language as spoken in North America, is the largest language having over 1/2 million words in the total vocabulary and every culture on earth has contributed to the language. Did you know there are probably over 100 Japanese words that are a part of the English language? It is true!
With the advancement of technology it is more important than ever to consider learning advanced English skills as it could play a big part in your career advancement. Being bilingual is a very valuable skill that could pay off in the future more than you currently realize.
My students are from all walks of life. Professionals, business people, teenagers, and senior citizens. My teaching style is very casual and comfortable. I certainly want you to learn English but also I want you to have a very pleasant and fun experience. When students "enjoy" their lessons they learn up to 30% faster and take a personal interest in their own advancement.

昇進においても大きな影響力があるように、技術の進歩とともに上級英語のスキルを得ようと考えることは、これまでよりさらに重要になってきました。 バイリンガルであるということは、今あなたが思うよりもっと将来に期待できる大変価値あるスキルです。

So... Let's have fun and do something important...
Let's learn English!
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