Let's have fun and do something important...
Let's enjoy and learn English!

Are you looking for new education for yourself?
Don't hesitate to knock the door of Pappa Ushi English!
Polishing your English skill can have many rewards.
It can provide ways to advance in your career and build your social confidence.

★Native English

Lessons are conducted in American English and the Japanese language is not used. You will learn proper pronunciation and conversation skills.

★Personal lessons or group

You may want to learn with a friend or two. You can come together if you like. You can book your lesson as a small group, not to mention personal lessons.

★Skill level

We can develop your lesson plans according to your present skill level. Your lessons can even include things that you find interesting such as current events, sports, work or hobby.

★Casual atmosphere

The atmosphere is home-like and casual. There are no formalities needed. The idea is to relax and enjoy the learning process.

★Flexible schedule

No fixed schedule. You can choose your lesson date and time for each lesson. This can also be weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly as well.  DETAILS

★Reasonable charge

Entrance fee only 5,000 yen is required. No monthly fee or long term system. You simply pay for your lesson which already includes the cost of text material. One simple charge each lesson.
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